February 19, 2012

What is Healthy? - Part II

Sitting here saying "Good-bye" to Whitney Houston via CNN reminded me of my journey to a "Healthier, Happier, You!!!!"

I have not always promoted such a lifestyle. It has been a journey that began when my oldest child came into my life suffering from horrible asthma. It broke my heart, uh, and my back, holding him as he grasped for air. Whenever he was sick, I stood hours on end in the steam of our shower rocking him, and praying to GOD, to relieve his suffering... Then I took to doing my research. I also was suffering from asthma at the time and chronic eczema.

Food is no longer the pure, fresh sustenance that our ancestors enjoyed.

I eliminated processed food and dairy. I was met by so many resistors, my then-husband included, but when my ailing son was with me, he ate organic, unprocessed and non-dairy. Today he eats whatever he wants and is a healthy, vibrant young adult who is no longer a slave to the nebulizer. Whomever invented that horrific, monstrous device was not considering children. The days and nights I spent with that contraption!! Simply changing our lifestyle was WAAAAYYYY easier! I eliminated strong cleansers - HELLO - this day and age it is SO easy to find non-caustic cleaning agents. Ten years ago, many times, I was making my own.

Using BLEACH - OH MY GOSH, this should be a banned product.

How does all this relate? I'm not sure, but watching this "Home Going" I can't help but think, LIVING is a conscious choice in many circumstances.  Yes, giving in to your own every whim is much more fun, but I prefer being in love with my children to any bad behavior. I want to be here to look into their eyes...

SO, this all leads me to Karyn Calabrese. I remember following her news 10-15 years ago. I would be on the Halsted bus traveling North and seeing her storefront/food/products. My journey to her has been over decades, but I have always known I would get there! SO a couple of chance meetings...

and finally an in-person LIVE shooting of ChicagonistaLIVE brought me to this!

What do you all feel when you meet someone that has impacted your life so greatly?? Yep, I was pretty speechless.

I am reading her book "Soak Your Nuts" and while I don't consume anything with eyeballs and a mother - save for the occasional fish intake, I am SO excited to continue this journey and learn more and be more...

I am curious to learn how many of you are handling your ailments and challenges?

Have you altered your diets? Changed your life ways?

What does healthy mean for you?

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