July 21, 2014

Selfie, Schmelfie!

'No, Really! Show Us Your Selfie!' Is a great post on BlogHer gearing us up for this year's conference in San Jose!

I practically NEVER take selfies, nor do I take pics of myself SO, this was fun!

With my youngest going off to college ... I am particularly cognizant that my days of being a hands-on mom are coming to a close ... so HERE I AM WITH MY CHILDREN and a few favorite peeps...

Aren't they precious?






July 19, 2014

#Blogher #MultiCulti #2014

You know how it is, sometimes things happen in your life that are so awesome you wonder what you did to deserve them!

Co-hosting the BlogHer2014 's #MultiCulti SoirĂ©e again this year with 'The Dream Team' of Ananda Leeke & Pauline Campos has me so GIDDY!

I love my BlogHer family. I love meeting new and incredibly different folks. It is also to celebrate myself because I AM DIFFERENT! I embrace myself and others because it feels amazing.

Blogging saved my life and I owe it to myself and the world to give it all I have.

If you are in the Bay area and can join us, please do Friday, July 25th 8pm


FRIDAY, JULY 25th at the San Jose Hilton, I will, once again be in the best company!

THE #MULTICULTI Party Celebrating our differences from A-Z will be in FULL FORCE!

Here are some pictures from last year!

Ananda Leeke, Pauline Campos, Lori Luna & Me! 
Me & Jory Des Jardins
Natsaha Nicholes & Raijean Stroud


July 14, 2014


You too can rise above whatever is keeping you down.

Have faith!

Have passion!


July 13, 2014

Reporter describes experience covering #Chicago #violence

As Gaza families, Israeli families and my own family can attest, it is not fun having to fall to the floor until you hear the sirens. Violence is not about the country, or the cause ... we must all learn and then teach resolution conflict ~ PLAIN AND SIMPLE

Reporter describes experience covering Chicago violence: Peter Nickeas, 28-year-old reporter for the Chicago Tribune covers breaking news overnight on the streets of Chicago.