July 6, 2015

#Multiculti15 #Blogher15

It is almost #BLOGHER15 TIME!

YAY! Although I am an introvert, BLOGHER has done for me what Toastmasters has done for so many who have difficulty communicating. While I don't have difficulty communicating, I AM SHY and being in crowds makes me nervous!

I am quickly outgrowing this to be quite the social-butterfly thanks to Blogher's faith in my party-giving skills! I ADORE people to no end and truly love all of Blogher attendees and am SO excited to meet with the newbies AND the vets.

My first Blogher in 2007 introduced me to women that I remain close with to this very day, with one in particular being my 'Partner In Crime'!

Chicagonista Partners In Crime! @mjtam

#MultiCulti Chicago

#MultiCulti Hostesses @AnandaLeeke, myself and @Pauline_Campos

Join us as we paint THE BIG APPLE #MULTICULTI! It's 2015!!!!!




June 23, 2015

We Are Humans - ALL OF US.

So, Uhhhh, both of my sons posted this on Facebook ... They are never on Facebook ... it made me cry inside and be a little sad. 

Some days I go the entire day without thinking about this stuff ... only a day or two will go by though, before I worry for them, or about them, or wonder if they made perfectly, sound, rational, important, firm decisions that day because it could mean their lives ...

I can go hours, days ... If it weren't for them, and I lived in a bubble, or was not madly in love with, or bestie with ... or daughter of Black Men ... hell, I could probably find it hard to care about this subject matter, if I was self-absorbed. I AM NOT A BLACK MAN IN AMERICA. 

I am a Woman Of Color. I have an entirely different set of issues, BUT - I can make a judgement call, or have a brief lapse of judgement and it not mean my life ...

BLACK MEN HAVE TO ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS BE ON!!!!! NO mistakes, NO miscues, AWARE 24/7 ... like prey in a jungle of people on the hunt ... Think about just how human that is ...