October 22, 2014

Get Yourself in Trouble with Cabot Cheese

Cabot Cheese is an anomaly because it is so delicious AND delightful at the same time!

The Co-op that is Cabot is a community of farmers who are so diligent and commanding quality that it is easy to stay so excited about this cheese!



I am not a food photographer, but this peach crumble I made topped with Cabot White Oak Cheddar ( that I later melted ) made my eyes water. It was amazing.

Cabot Cheese is amazing ... What kind of food trouble do you get yourself in with Cabot Cheese?! 

September 29, 2014

Here Comes the Fall!

As I type this, crispy, crunchy leaves are hitting my sky-light.

I wish I could say that I am happy, but in my world, this sign begins the awful decent into months of despair, light deprivation and longing for warm weather.

I love Chicago, but my allegiance is becoming less and less.

I can't stand the cold weather, and today, as I felt the temperature drop 20 degrees from 5-9pm ... man-o-man, did it really hit me that we are well on our way to my most dreaded time of the year... 




Well, this beautiful display from Saturday, September 27th better last me!