August 17, 2014


I can not write about #Ferguson right now.

Nor can I write about my youngest going away to school this fall ... in the South ....

As someone who has devoted her entire adult life to law enforcement and being in love with a police officer the last 15 years, I CAN say that generalizing against the police is not the solution.

I will also say, at least in my position, the desire to help and uplift the community is VERY real. From officers feeding, clothing or staying on a case until that person is housed, fed, or given medical treatment is what I see more often than not. Not just police officers, but deputies, probation officers, attorneys, and judges. Brutality is NOT the norm but it IS a horrible, disgusting reality.

I have often given my last $5 to a person in need. So, abuse of power is sadly staining the profession. Law Enforcement, I recently wrote in my last training hour paper, is so often a thankless job. While I am not a beat officer, I really work for the courts, and I see all sides of this argument - ALL. So, yes, give a racist a badge and a gun and well you get #Ferguson.

BUT I AM NOT WRITING ABOUT FERGUSON RIGHT NOW! The mom in me is bleeding inside. The officer in me is bleeding inside. The human being in me is bleeding inside.

The unrest is huge, people. The young men I am servicing on my caseload are afraid that this chance to redeem themselves will be taken away by a blinded officer who is on the hunt with profiling eyes.

My children are not afraid enough. They still believe that if they keep their heads down and stay on their grind - even after being lined-up for playing in their front yard last summer.

In Chicago, the Illinois State Police and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm have moved in for the next few months on a very important street sweeping initiative. I have no words for what could potentially arise from this; Some good and some very, very bad.

I suppose I am aimlessly writing, ranting, to avoid voicing how I really feel about seeing that baby lying dead in the street for hours, having had no CPR or medical attention or anyone holding his hand as he departed this often wretched world. Tales of a $50 heist leaked to tarnish him... please, that is like the equivalent of being afraid of a child with Skittles and Arizona tea ... oh wait ...

July 30, 2014

My BlogHer Recap Rant!

So now it's over ... and I feel like this:

This empty room housed a party! It was vibrant, loud, filled with laughter, food, connection and love! #MultiCulti2014 was a HOOT and a HOLLER! BlogHer 2014 was just fantabulous! All my friends and colleagues sure did their thang!!!!!

My #MultiCulti co-hosts @PaulineCampos and @AnandaLeeke are so fascinating and a joy to work with! We were tasked with promoting a party that was ALL-INCLUSIVE ... The three of us are a melting-pot and to top it all off, we compliment one another ... 'like peas and carrots' as Forrest Gump would say...

Elisa Camahort Page, Lisa Stone & Jory Des Jardins rocking the house at Day 1 Breakfast!


I met one of my besties, Rae Lewis Thornton, via blogging and Twitter... the past two BlogHers have been our chance to have a lil fun! NYC BlogHer was a blast, but this year was successful as well as we managed to put a hurting on San Jose's Market area! It all started with my quest to find the 'perfect' #MultiCulti14 treats!


@Chocatoo was amazing!



Elisa Camahort Page is a vegan. I was staunchly vegan the past 5 years but fell off last year. Her encouragement, and influence on the BlogHer MENU, gave me the push I needed to get back to where I need to be with my diet! (This showcases exactly how intrinsically awesome and vital social media relationships can be!!!)

So, what did this 2014 BlogHer do for me? It was the perfect ride. The conference, the relationships this cohesive network encourages, and the overall good vibes surrounding it are such strong incentive to foster great blogs, great lives, great social media presence  and relations. I love being a part of this community and look forward to having its influence as long as possible.

After all, everyone by now knows the story of the 2009 BlogHer where I was tagging along with LosAngelista and EVERYONE kept saying "You're from Chicago, you MUST know Chicagonista! You must meet CHICAGONISTA!" 

I mean, talk about changing your LIFE! So now I have crazily ranted about my San Jose BlogHer 2014 experience, and hope you enjoyed my recollection and have a glimpse into why BlogHer means so much to me! May there be more to come ....

July 26, 2014


"I stand for resolving conflict without violence. I stand for my city. What do YOU stand for?"