August 7, 2010

What is healthy???

I have been angry a lot recently.

It may be totally unwarranted, but I have been angry nonetheless.

My anger has come from the word "healthy".

It is the premise of all of the sites that I author, but maybe I did not know it as well as I thought.

It appears that the definition of "Healthy" is broad - transparent, if you will - not a true depiction or evaluation of what I view health is.

Its stated meaning, lying somewhere in between sleep, vigor and balance according to, is also a tad lackluster.

Alas, is that why famous model/actor Brooke Shields rants on television about this product and that, exclaiming it is "healthy" for you when it really is awash with chemicals and detriment??

Not usually a violent person, I truly have wanted, at times, to slap her face.

Taking product derived in a lab to make my eyelashes longer is not "healthy"! Or is it, by our loose definitions!

Technically, it doesn't help one sleep, be vigorous or balanced. Her claims about toothpaste are despicable and her hormonal imbalance can easily be blamed on the fertility drugs she took. BUT because she is beautiful, rich, well-known and respected - companies buy her and her family and promote it as "health".

I sincerely hope that if any of us desire clarity that we seek it.

Educate ourselves before we run out and assume something is good for us simply because it came from a paid smile.

And while "healthy" may be just another dirty word - yes, I am now feuding with its terms! Let's take a moment to re-define HEALTHY for the purposes we will be using it for here:

naturally invigorating

good for mind body and soul


nurture coming from the Earth's natural state.


untainted emphasis on absence of disease.

I hope we examine what type of health we really desire to introduce into our systems.

Brooke may have been paid well, and her products may very well work initially, but the damage to our internal  balance is truly apparent. If you are eating well balanced meals, not ingesting antibiotics or veterinary drugs via your food, why would your eyelashes be falling out?

Nonetheless, I have recently prescribed to living like this woman here in Chicago - Karyn Calabrese.

I have attended quite a few events with her as a featured guest and I must say - she is completely LOVELY.

Her skin, at 60 + years is flawless and she is a vegan.

No secretions or animal ingestion for her. BRAVO. Additionally, her restaurants in our city have been longstanding and delicious.

So next time you look at Ms. Shields I hope you will re-think "HEALTHY"!

Art Smith, Shane Talbott & Karyn Calabrese ~ Photo courtesy of

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