February 16, 2012

Did you intercede for Chris Brown??

It is easy to become jaded and cynical when you are employed to serve the demographic that I service.

The general public may, or may not be supporting community issues... BUT BOY O BOY, they always have a SAY.

It takes a HUGE amount of love and compassion toward mankind to even be able to listen to the soliloquies that are voiced day in and day out on my 9 to 5 ... endless excuses for criminal behavior ... TONS of woe-is-me and the projections amassed to silence inquiries into their personal goals - can I just say WOW?!

So when I hear folk piling up against Chris Brown ... I am like "WHOA". All these people of professed faith! We who are Christian say, "What would Jesus do?" I am very certain Jesus would not be vilifying Chris Brown.

Domestic violence is a slippery slope on a good day. It is a psycological discussion to be had with all of the parties involved. The very nature of the Domestic Violence issue suggests attention be given on many levels especially once it elevates to the physical. I cannot even begin to delve into the entire subject matter because it is too particular to once's circumstances and requires intimate details. To launch into examination without facts is irresponsible.

So, when I see the public vilifying this "kid", because that is what he is, it saddens me. First of all, he is serving his sentence. While I have no knowledge of his case, other than media speculation, I do know that all sentences involve treatment. Additionally, it is his choice, and only his choice, to decide to become better ... throwing stones from the side-lines is just ALWAYS a NO-NO!

So, stop it! If I were to consider the stupid, possibly life-altering things I did at 20... Oh boy, how about well into my 30's ... can I just say that it is a good thing I am not a celebrity.

This post is about giving this kid a break AND becoming a spokesperson for the issues you rant about.

I always say, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Chris Brown and Rihanna, it's been said, are in contact with one another. Apparently,  she has forgiven his indiscretions. Furthermore, there are many stories of redemption that folk have been sympathetic to ... heck, I have enough to fill a twenty + year career ... from the couple who chained their daughter to a radiator to the guy who had relations with his poodle. No one ever comes out and says "You know what, I am a horrible person..." In all of my years, not one defendant has admitted that frailty ... it always, always, always comes down to "I was in the wrong place at the wrong time", my dad left, I didn't know any better ...

Many times its just a ploy, but there are occasions ... and you will see them in The Interrupters, where someone has made a conscious decision to DO BETTER ... BE BETTER and with Chris Brown, I can only pray this is the case.

I saw one such case last week, as I took my son and his buddy to see "The Interrupters". This documentary is a MUST see. It chronicles the efforts made by CeaseFireChicago, an organization that my employment supports in interceding in the streets when violent offenders are about to erupt. One of the "Interceptors", Eddie Bocanegra, served 14 years for murder. He managed to turn his life around and offer himself to this life of service. After the screening, Eddie actually came forward and made himself available for questions.

Luckily, Chris did not kill Rihanna. So many offenders on my caseload have inadvertently caused a death, maimed someone or, in my opinion, much worse - THEY HAVE MAIMED AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY by altering its productive flow.

My soap box today is that unless you are volunteering at Domestic Violence Centers, healing those who are both the cause and effect, open your hearts to forgiveness, empathy and love...

Who knows what you will find on the other side ....


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