December 17, 2007

Twinkle, twinkle little stars

My very first interview here on "Healthier, Happier, You!!!!" was with LaTonya Baldwin of Color Online, my favorite literacy group. Since then Color Online and its parent organization Alternatives for Girls have been very busy!

There have been poetry readings, gatherings, and all sorts of events! These activities have surely kept many young women focused on expanding their minds and encouraging procurement of how wonderful and productive, if not graceful and pivotal they are to our society and its movement.

So please read a bit further about the hopes and aspirations of the program to see if there is anything you can contribute, donate, suggest, and contribute.

LaTonya was featured here and here a few weeks ago.

I think her work is SO VERY important. Our young artists, writers, photographers, mothers, educators -- sometime only need a kind word or small effort to get them moving foreword toward some glorious outcome ~~ and we owe them that!!

So, THANKS COLOR ONLINE for all you do for young women! Anyone interested in the wishlist please visit the Wishlist. Have a great Tuesday!!!


KR said...

Baldwin's is a worthwhile, even life-changing organization, folks.

Please, DO contribute something...we all have books we've read and can pass along...

let's help foster the literacy of our youth and propel them towards a brighter future! said...

Great comment KR, thanks. And to those who need help getting books out, feel free to contact me!