December 17, 2007

For the love of the game

I am counting the days until Opening Day. It is roughly 109 days -- April 2008 when the first pitch will be thrown out. Now, you guys know I LOVE and baseball are my favorite to watch. I kinda think my Dad was hoping for a boy, so I am the one he inundated with stats. I am the one who watched all the events with him and was happy to do it!!! Basketball, baseball, football, boxing you name it. There were ice skating and tennis matches on occasion. I loved em! And I love em still ~ And thankfully, my Dad and I still manage to watch "Da Bears" together. SO

let me just say, I am sick and tired of this player performance enhancement crap! I want to enjoy the games again! ALL of them. The Olympics included! They did this. Whomever "they" are by putting so much money and emphasis on winning. Where is the love of the game??? I saw Katie Couric clips trying to get the scoop out of the $275 million dollar man. Honestly, I just want the guy to play! I hate the media probing and I hate what has become the meltdown of what used to be pure and forthright. We don't know what supplements folks were taking in the 20's. I think they should stop manufacturing all of that crap anyway! Why go after mere mortals when you can go after the manufacturing??? DUH??? There should be just healthy alternatives and fun here people!!!!

When that first pitch goes out at White Sox Park (Cellular Field), I want to be eating my veggie burger, my veggie dog, my cheese fries and bottled water in PEACE! I may be knee deep in snow when, one day after my birthday, we sox it to the TWINS or YIPPIE!!! Later, April 22-24 when we meet my YANKEES! And I don't want to be thinking about steroids! I don't want to hear about it on the way to the park, on the news the night before -- dang gone it --- I JUST DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT ANYMORE!
Hot coco'd or sun burnt, (you never know in Chicago that time of year) I wanna be enjoying the sport and that is what it should be about! So somebody out there...FIX IT, and fix it now! You've got about 100 days ~ or there is gonna be hell to pay!

Just kidding, but wouldn't it be nice?

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