October 1, 2007

NEW VOICE: Color Online

Found a new phenomenal outreach that is accepting donations of books and gift cards. This spectacular person has taken her time to help empower young women between the ages of 14 and 21.

You may read more about Color Online through:


or visit http://coloronline.blogspot.com/

I was given the opportunity to ask the founder a few questions and would like to share the exchange with you. Enjoy:

Houseonahill: Why do you feel supporting these young women is important?

LaTonya: I know what kind impact positive role models had on me. I think most of us could use support as we try to navigate our way through adolescence to adulthood. It was teachers, mentors and coaches who kept me buoyant during some tumultuous times. If we don’t invest in our youth, who will? Our young people need us and frankly we need them to become productive, free-thinking, strong leaders of tomorrow.

Houseonahill: In formulating this alliance, what impact do you hope to make and is there a spoken or unspoken committment that once you have left or graduated the program that you return and somehow give back?

LaTonya: My hope is to communicate that someone cares and someone believes in them and is willing to commitment the time to supporting them in their development. Our relationship is reciprocal from the onset. Everyone has something to give. We teach and support each other. Color Online members are required to give back to the community. There are no shortages of opportunity.

Houseonahill: When choosing your literature, what ideals are you hoping to bring into discussion?

LaTonya: I consciously choose literature with strong, flawed, authentic female characters. No one is all good or all bad. I look for works that deal with personal growth, responsibility, accountability, struggle and triumph. Sometimes works are political. Sometimes they are intimate examinations of self. Others are about our relationship with our community or society. I try to select works where the reader is evoked, compelled or challenged to consider her own views and to form her own opinions.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this inspirational program.

Mentoring today can be as easy as this. Check out the links to find out how you can become involved! Shape a journey, embrace a mind!!

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