December 19, 2007

Women of the World Unite!!!!!

Thinking of the young women learning and maturing under the auspices of Color Online, I began to consider the great works we are all pursuing in the name of betterment and cause. When one woman ensures the safety of another and mandates her right to have goals, and to have a way to expound and obliterate the commonplace, and have what is essential...what resonates is how far the idea of pure love can go. We deserve to be unmutilated. We deserve to be free to dream WHEREVER we are on the planet! We deserve and are deserved!

Women of color often have their self-esteem challenged quite literally at every turn ~ so for the rest of this week I would like to celebrate my friend Latrice's ideas. Today we can look at her vision of ModelGirlUSA because I think it is revolutionary. To use all of your means to promote self-esteem and love of self and to encourage independent thought and growth is invaluable ~ ESPECIALLY for little ones!!!

Latrice, is another friend I met on the Womenforhire network (Patty Matlock being the other). Later in the week we can check out some of her noteworthy blogs. It was through her eyes that I was able to see that blogging is a great tool, is great fun and is not as difficult as I thought. I was inspired to learn this trade and accomplish something outside of my comfort zone.
So I really must thank you for reading and allowing me to express what is important in my little world!

Latrice Fowler is the Editor - N - Chief of ModelGirl.USA - Official Launch Date - FEB 2008!!
more to come! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sissy!!! Kiss, Kiss, hug, hug***


Texas Dreamer! said...


Thank you so much for this awesome write up. You inspire me to be a better LATRICE! GOD BLESS!

Riyah Al-Layl said...

I love your blog House! :) It's so wonderful and refreshing to see comments about empowering and freeing women to achieve their full potential. Thanks for visiting my blog too! :) said...

Thank you!!!