August 16, 2015


My dining-room table right now *gasp*

I realize that stress is a co-companion to life.

Now that I am on the door-step of living 50 years in this world, I see that there is never a time when there is no stress. It comes and goes in a sort of flow-pattern. It weaves its way, in and out, sometimes strangling, other times, slightly bumping you or boxing you in a bit, being just enough of a nuisance to cause tossing and turning at night.

When it is at its worse, it makes you sick, breaks down your immune system and paralyzes you in any way that only it can.

Getting a handle on how to keep stress in check, not containing it, which allows it to manifest, but spreading it out so that it is evenly dealt with is what I am suggesting to myself right now.

How do you handle stress?

Listing the ways you think it adversely affects you is a start.

* are you lashing out at loved ones? Your pets? Having fits? Crying?

* are you unable to eat, sleep, work?

* do you have too many moments of feeling despair?

* are you overly negative, hostile, snippy or snarky?

* unexplained rashes? excessive weight-gain but you don't really eat? head-aches? 

Maybe it is time to evaluate your mind-frame, health and ways to make the best of your life.

Here are some great ideas that I use to keep myself in the best possible shape:

                             - chiropractor

                             - yoga

                             - healthy eating

                             - music

                             - meditation

                             - prayer

                             - organize your finances or whatever is troubling you.

Good Luck! 

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