August 30, 2015

NOLA Reflections

The 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina was addressed this weekend. 

It is no secret that the NO, is my most favorite place on earth. I suppose if I could be anywhere in the world right now, I would be sipping an amazing liquid, watching the Mississippi, eating something fantabulous while looking up at #MyLouisianaSky.

You can track my love for Louisiana's 'SKY' on Instagram

I was born into love of Louisiana by my maternal grandmother who was born in New Orleans and often went back ... she loved Dooky Chase, Gulf shrimp, and made the best gumbo I've ever had.

I miss her more than I can articulate. When she died,  part of me died with her, so I keep New Orleans deep in my soul to be closer to her.

My prayers this week extend to those lost, those who continue trying to go home and those who still have broken hearts.

What can you do? GEAUX. Spend some dollars in Louisiana. Check out the sights, fall in love with New Orleans, and take in a service project if you have time. 




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