September 15, 2013


#Pilsen Fresh Market

#Pilsen Fresh Market
Today begins my cleanse. I've been following Michelle Pfennighaus for a few years, featuring her on the blog here, a time or two.

Years later I am still trying to lose weight, adjust my life and find balance.

YEARS, you ask?

Well, yeah, years!

I am not in the exact same place, but I am still fighting. I have lost tons of weight, but I still have a pouch and areas I want firmer.

I am vegan but I still struggle with cheese. MY ONLY VICE, so I guess I'm not completely vegan, but I try.

My finances are still a bit of a mess.

I am a single mom. I have a wonderful man in my life, but I don't burden him with my kids' tuition, my mortgage, my car note ... we're not married, and I am old school ... until we are, I can take care of me.

SO, enter this detox/cleanse.

It has been a while since I've purged and centered.

We at CHICAGONISTALIVE are running a six month series aimed at cleaning up and growing your wealth.

You should join us!

I started my homework last night.

AND the food portion begins today with the cleanse.

Follow me the next 21 days as I will be covering ALL the bases to a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, YOU!

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