September 12, 2013


fresh, vegan, GMO, YUM!

look! individually, juicy, wrapped, bites!

I know "magically delicious" is totally for another brand, but I found these all natural snacks to be JUST THAT. Surprisingly awesome.

When it come to snack bars, you truly never know what you are going to get.

Nowadays, as opposed to 5-10 years ago, ALL healthy treats could easily be mistaken for cardboard, or even more likely drywall!

Todays, it is a hit-or-miss. Sometimes you get a sugary envelope, or a pasty combination, and often it is a variation of "wow, it is really healthy, and whatever that was tasted okay but - did I just eat THAT?!"

When you bite into a snack, it is moist, healthy, no fructose, aspartame, or mumbly jumbly chemically stuff and it is a TASTEFUL combination, it is an magical occurrence. 

These particular bites surprised because they were individually wrapped in bite-sized clear packets!

Gluten and dairy-free (YAY) GMO-free, vegan (YAY) with no cholesterol and zero trans-fat!


This comes from a Family Owned, 40 year old business in the heart of California's central valley.

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