September 23, 2013


fresh greens from friends' yard

mo' greens

cookin' up da sauce

@Plated chicken filets

seasoned and rolled w/ prosciutto, arugula, mozarella
baked, sauced, simmered 

being devoured by Bubba

It is no secret that my people are from New Orleans. 

My great-grandfather was a cook on the Illinois Central Railroad that ran from Chicago to New Orleans and back.

As his family began to grow, he decided they had a better chance at success up north.
He moved to Chicago, and after my great-grandmother had my beloved Gran, they joined him.

Food is somewhat of a huge thing in my family. Growing up, all of life's happenings centered around my great-grandparent's dining room table. When they passed on, everything happened around my Gran's table ... and so on.

By the time it was our generation, there was no real drama. We simply ate.

My Sissy was the cooker, growing up I was too busy being the eater. While NONE of us have the NOLA talent my Gran had ... I am giving it a go now!

I really do have fun experimenting on my boys Bubba & JR.

I think I am getting better and PLATED is REALLY helpful.

Pre-packaged, pre-ordered FRESH ingredients delivered to your home every week!

In this particular order, I received spices chicken filets, prosciutto, arugula, brown rice, lentils and a few other items (ground chicken, etc) for other meals to prepare.

THIS was Bubba's favorite! I had greens from my besties' garden as supplemental.

You should really give PLATED a try!

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