May 4, 2013

Party Over Here! Party Over Here!

This is my favorite time of year.

Being born in the Spring I, of course, LOVE times of renewal and refresh.

I suppose my Southern roots keep me loving heat and I just love green as opposed to gray and sullen.

Winter in Chicago is rough for me!

But that is ALL over now!

Spring has officially SPRUNG! FINALLY!

I am so excited. I plan to spend every day outside doing something. In tune with my fitness goals, I am about to add some "Happiness" goals to that as well.

NOT ONE minute do I plan to sulk or let anyone's snarky comments, or downtrodden baggage, get in my way. Nor will I allow myself to stop and address any of it. 

There is going to be a LOT of "talking to the hand", or as my good friend Andrea kept saying last night at a Girl's Night Out ~ "CRICKETS".

Who has time to wallow when you have good friends, fun to be had, and BEAUTIFUL weather.

Anything else goes in my category of "First World Problems". You've got a roof? CHECK.
Food? CHECK. Reasonably healthy? CHECK. ALRIGHTY THEN! LIVE and Let LIVE.

Let's get this party started! 

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