May 10, 2013

IT IS TIME! ENOUGH! ~ Mother's Day should be happy!

SO many mothers, TOOOO many mothers, have lost their children, or watched their children be gunned down, blown up, or maimed around this globe.

There is no excuse for violence. We are beings able of communication and reasoning.

It is deplorable and inexcusable that in these modern times, people choose to shoot first, or maim someone for thinking differently. WHY destroy someone because you are feeling left-out or somehow misunderstood?

By the time offenders get to me they have admitted their guilt and are less aggressive.

This allows me to communicate freely, and what I have learned is that the arrogance capable within the human psyche is far worse than you can probably fathom.

Killing is so easy for many of these offenders and while we believe these happenings to be because someone was disenfranchised growing up, a LOT of these cases are simply because no one told little "Johnny" 'NO!'

That's right, I said it. Many offenders are SPOILED brats and we need to look closely at criminal behavior, deviance and psychological superiority.

As we saunter into this Mother's Day, I implore each and every one of us world-wide to consider the impact of a DISCUSSION. Teaching your kids that they cannot ALWAYS have their way, that they can be wrong, that they MUST listen to someone else's VERSION, THOUGHTS, SIDE can make a WORLD of difference as they mature and encounter different people.

Running around blowing up people because you want to cleanse them from your community is stupid and ignorant. IT JUST IS. It needs to stop. Segregating communities that are not like YOUR household sounds like cave-man mentality. STOP IT!

The Chicago Moms is hosting with the Bella Luna Cafe Moms Demand Action as they launch events all over the United States urging moms to take control of our world.

Violence, especially GUN VIOLENCE, must end. In the days of technology, trust that your voice can be heard without you having to kill me or someone I love.

If you are unable to attend any of these events, please participate in other ways!

Write your legislators or follow along via Social Media using the hashtags #GunSense #LouderThanGuns 

Spread love and joy not bullets and pain ~

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