April 30, 2013

Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow ...

Yesterday I wrote about keeping that smile.

Well, today it was 85 degrees in Chicago ... which is now being referred to by we natives as Chiraq.

First truly hot day.

So, as I sit here working on my social media campaigns, I am conversing with fellow Chiraqians who are marveling at the carnage, and I become compelled to write about what I know for sure.

12 shot. From the Northside to the Southside.

From noon until now.

Social Media timelines are raging with disbelief and disgust...

And while I too am raging, I am trying to keep things in perspective.

I regularly submit papers for my departmental training so, I am actually fully versed that according to crime statistics we are well within the same ranges we have been over the past two decades.

It probably seems more marginalized to the masses due to social media and the national focus.

Back in the day though, crimes would go virtually unreported to the media.

Very rarely was  a television crew posted outside our courthouses. These days, they are always there. 

Well, to keep things in perspective, you can always utilize the governmental tools like I do.

It keeps me sane.

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