April 29, 2013

How Do You Stay Smiling?

There are so many things that we as human beings carry around with us these days.

The seemingly endless events of terror have left us with lingering with residual feelings.

I am not sure how you are processing the shootings, bombings and kidnappings, but I tend to get angry.

Never the one to ever want to hurt anyone, my problem with the offenders I come in contact with make choices to hurt others when it is they who are hurting and should probably be positioning themselves to internalize their venom ... or at the very least, get help, a hobby or a clue.

I truly become so full of teeth clinching anger that I often have to turn my sights to something else to just maintain my normal existence.

Unfortunately, I have had 24 years of practice handling my case-loads at work. Over the years, talking to murderers, drug addicts and gangsters, I have learned that many are still capable, and have feelings in their somewhere.  Because we are human beings, we have to factor in humanity even when it is hard.  We must always remain human in the face of the inhumane, subhuman or the splintered altered ego. 

One must learn to always just drop the baggage and move on. Because of this I have learned to develop skills to stay in the moment.

We can't change the world all of the time, but we can definitely try.

We can watch beautiful skies, feel something and be passionate!

Sunsets in particular are SO amazing to me.

Watching a sunset, no matter how it presents, is always  a glorious thing!

Here on "Healthier, Happier, You!" we must constantly be on the journey toward betterment while leaving the vile behind.

Finding what keeps us human is a hard task. As our society begins to heal from each major catastrophe, we are, unfortunately, also bracing for the next time . We all know that some wretched soul is in the wings planning to be a dishonorable. While we desire to change the world into the utopia we want for our children, the truth is, there are always going to be miserable, irresponsible, wretches who desire to harm people. 
Yes, they are unimaginative and uninspired so we have to remain vigilant.

In our vigilance we must also remain happy. I find happiness in skylines and urban glory. 
I find happiness in children, animals and the people I love.

What are some of the ways you stay in joy?

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