September 9, 2012

After all, Tomorrow Is Another Day ....

Soooo, I am terribly challenged when it come to lawn-care.


Yes, this is not grass, or crab grass or even weeds... it is an unsightly mess!

I have lived here 5 years and have searched for a remedy to no avail.

Finally, after much consultation, I hired a Landscaping Business and boy did they eat me alive. It really is awful how businesses that are not reputable can stab your eyes out!

I went back and forth with the agent who assisted me letting him know my budget, my issue and what I absolutely had to gain from this.

The city has been threatening to ticket property that is unkept. So, in my mine's eye, this was sort of urgent. I think this particular place sensed my distress and urgency and just suckered me to the utmost possible suckerage.  Yep, sucks for me that I am so not willing and able to handle these things myself.

Look what I got for $500


I know, I know ... the rest of the area was not completed and I got this...

Yes, I complained, yes I was livid ... but none of that got me anywhere.

I am so sick inside .... but I will definitely be consulting to learn this landscaping stuff myself. No way do I intend on being taken advantage of like this again!


I feel like Scarlett O'Hara when she realized she would have to farm Tara herself! Like Scarlett, I can't think about this right now though, I think about it tomorrow... Oh Rhett ... fiddle dee dee...


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