September 10, 2012

City of Chicago & Chicago Public Schools


As I prepare to go to work this morning, I am a tad bit furious.

Chicago is many things, but it is poorest on education. With statistics showing kids only minimally where they are supposed to be, and teachers are nearly the highest paid in the country, not to mention our current crime wave, what are we getting for our tax money?

I have had only a few years where my eldest was entrusted to Chicago Public Schools. It was a horrific experience where I was ultimately advised his needs could not be met. He had no learning disabilities, they simply did not have the time or resources to engage him. Then, at that very moment, even as a product of CPS, I vowed I would go hungry before giving the city my children's brain capacity.

Tonight at midnight, I almost did a happy dance that after 4th grade, my eldest never again attended CPS and my baby was never a CPS student.

I do not know what the lingering issues were tonight as they approached that final hour of negotiations, and frankly I don't care. How irresponsible and trite that both sides allowed this strike to occur. I seriously never thought the strike would happen. I believed that an agreement would be met to benefit the children and society as whole. Hello, we are in the depths of some of our most violent times on Chicago's streets! But no, later today children will be roaming unsupervised while parents are at work....their busy minds left for the streets to attend to them.

City of Chicago 0, Streets 1. Good job people.

If any children are gunned down during school hours while this strike commences, the blood is on both sides hands.

Shame on this city, shame, shame, shame...

The Chicago Public Schools have offered this as a solution fyi: Chicago Public Schools
There is also this great interactive site should you need: Childcare Options During Strike

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