September 5, 2012

How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice ~ Michelle Whitlock

2009's BlogHer was phenomenal. I made so many lasting relationships there that it almost makes the conference magical in my opinion!

One of those incredible connections was with Michelle Whitlock.

photo courtesy of Michelle Whitlock 2009 

Michelle was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer at just 26 years old. She is a survivor, a warrior, a mom, and now Michelle has released her book "How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice" to many accolades!

Winner : Women's Health, Indie Excellence Award, 2012
Winner, Gold: Non-Fiction Memoir, Reader's Favorite, 2012
Honorable Mention: Autobiography/Biograpghy, Los Angeles Book Festival, 2012
Finalist: Autobiography, Next Generation Indie Book Awards, 2012
Finalist: Memoir (Overcoming Adversity/Tragedy/Challenge), Next Generation Indie Book Awards, 2012
Finalist: Women's Issues, Next Generation Indie Book Awards, 2012
Editor's Choice Award, iUniverse, 2011
Rising Star Award, iUniverse, 2011

She has also recorded this great video that really encompasses her warmth and incredibly strong disposition.

I too laughed, cried, went and had my cervix checked after meeting Michelle and reading her amazing story. I cannot emphasize enough how sisterhood is so important.

We must stand together. We must inform one another that it is okay to listen to yourself when it comes to your health. When the world is stacked against us, we must come together, avoiding silence, to put care and diagnosis to task if necessary! We must hold hands and squeeze arms in an effort to make certain that our reproductive organs remain more than just an election snippet. Our bodies bring forth life and are worth SO MUCH MORE than a stomping speech. 

Meet Michelle, learn about your body and make sure you tell a girlfriend, or more importantly, a daughter or niece. Michelle is an inspiration, but if you really think about it, we all are inspiring because we have the capability to love each other enough to pay it forward. We can knock down the walls of obscurity when it comes to the issues involving our own bodies and change the trajectory of things that may be in our way to a healthier path.


It takes courage to share your intimate details so that you can be a Healthier, Happier, You! and educate others about what might ail them.

Please feel free to share any thoughts you may have on cervical cancer or your reproductive health scares. We are here for each other.

And here are the two posts from when this blog was new and I first interviewed Michelle!

To our health! Cheers!

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