August 18, 2012

The World According To Pooh

I guess I have always been liberal.

Blame Christopher Robin. His love and compassion for that "silly 'ole bear" and his other stuffed buddies shaped my psyche and filled me with love, and enough empathy, for the whole world!

NOT to say that my family life was NOT all encompassing because they were. In my family there was White, Black, Gay, Lesbian, Drugged Out, Stoned-out, Drunk-out, Muslim, Christian, You-Name-It! But, you know how that goes, being surrounded by it makes you somewhat immune. Sadly, it also makes you expect acceptance and love of others from everyone!

Too bad that ideal is dead wrong. There are some very mean-spirited, cold, calculating vicious people roaming this planet, and in 45 years I am just starting to really dance with them.

All week in social media, I have been defending everyone! From pitt bulls to pansexuals!

And I just learned what a "pansexual" was!

I am really not certain what goes through peoples' minds when they become fearful that their way-of-life is threatened because someone else lives their life differently than they do?

Obviously it is fear of the unknown, but in examining further, I conclude that there is much more going on here. Deep seated hatred must come from a place more vile and contemptuous. Circumstances often reveal that these people hate these particular characteristics in others because it is often a piece of themselves that they just ... well ... hate!

Politician after politician casting stones as they defile children, or their vows to their own mates, is a huge example. While these occurrences are bi-partisan, at least the liberal doesn't shun anyone else who is misbehaving.

As I participated in quite spirited exchanges via Twitter with a Youth Pastor earlier this week, because he was inciting aggressive commentary about the President (YES, I SAID 'YOUTH PASTOR'), I truly began to pity mankind. Yes, he has every right to participate and voice his opinions but as a Youth Pastor? An example of one of the memes he was participating in:

Religion has long been the catalyst for violence, misogyny, genocide and the most vile behavior ever recorded. Why is that?

I consider myself quite "religious"... well, I used to, until I realized that maybe religion is just an excuse to mask hatred and intolerance using the guise of spirituality. To be so narrow-minded that you would kill someone for their beliefs is sickening. To rape, pillage and murder doctors and their staff because you are against abortion, or some other "Christian" cause is ignorant.  To mass murder groups of innocent people/woman/children because they think, behave, eat, sing, and worship differently than you do is inhumane.

Human beings are creatures of group thought, and that really needs to change.

This particular Youth Pastor, in a country where there is separation of Church and State, has compiled his entire blog around religion and political affiliation! A staunch Republican, he has no problem with taunting others, name-calling and behaving outright ignorantly. A shame as he mentors the young minds in his area. I for one am appalled at the actions of "religious" people lately. From gay-bashing to racial, and ethnic hatred, I have really become saddened by their ways. I no longer want to be a part of "them". They are not the body of Christ but something more sinister and gory. I have read the Bible front to back, and the New Testament preaches love and witnessing. Was there ever a verse where Jesus refused to enter any one's home if invited because they were sinners! He surrounded himself with misfits and castaways! Have we forgotten who each of his Disciples were?

Many of today's American Thought Police are descendants of those who wiped out an entire race of indigenous people, and enslaved the others, more than once, so what do I expect? Well, I expect people to be a bit more careful and considerate! And regarding the other religions out there maiming folks due to their perceived differences? Well, they are just as despicable. Maybe I am just in a state of ranting-loathing, but I really can't hide my disappointment.

I still wish for a Utopian existence like the The Hundred Acre Wood! I keep tweeting "Live - AND LET LIVE" - but maybe these are the end of days .... or maybe these should BE the end of days! Do you see these bashings turning around? Lessoning? Increasing? What say you?

Am I wrong? Is extremism the way to a better overall society?


Shari said...

The extremists don't realize that they could be out of favor one day too. They take it to the groups that it is currently "ok" to abuse. Some day they will be on the other end of the abuse -- whether via social media, talk radio, etc.

~Dwana said...

Thanks for stopping in and commenting Shari :-) "abuse" is such the correct word! I can only hope the extremists realize it is indeed abuse....