August 9, 2012


16th Street Rat Art in Chicago 2012 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining my life-long friend and her children for dinner.

They come back home to Chicago every year but I am usually tied up with my son.

He is grown now, so when she texted that she would be in town, I jumped at the chance to meet her babies!

When I say we are life-long friends, I truly mean it. Our mothers were friends first. I am six months older, so literally, she wore my baby clothes!

We attended day-camp at the Chicago Park District together.  We have literally been friends since we were born.

On my way to meet her, the kids and another dear friend, I drove past this mural near my house. It was remarkable, but I was late so I thought to myself that I'd capture it on the way back.

Dinner was lovely. Her kids are incredible and we all met up in Chinatown. We laughed. I made a HUGE mess and everything was wonderful until we were met with typical Chi-town stuff.

I say that because, while Chicago is gloriously beautiful, if you stay long enough, she rears her grittiness.

Her streets are golden but dog-gone it, we have RATS!

After our bill was paid, we lingered a bit. The restaurant we chose is ALWAYS bustling, so the door was propped open for those waiting in line for a table.

At dusk, someone must have been hungry too, because he scurried in and caused a raucous! He slithered under tables - and all of us jumped, screamed, and overturned chairs to avoid that awful feeling of having some thing run over your feet!

He was HUGE - a foot and half long, blackish blue, JUST like the mural!!

After scooping the terrified kids, we calmed them and let them know - Hey, its just Chicago being Chicago!

BUT on the way home... I had to pay homage.... to Chicago... her gloriousness, her gorgeousness, and her gritty underbelly...

Chicago is deep, dark, menacingly delicate, haughty and gruffly awesome....

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