July 27, 2012

The Terrain for the road or even city streets!

The Terrain checks all around for you before you back-up, change lanes or pull off!

I had a sunroof!! SCHWING!

The 2012 Terrain is just darn cute
GMC is bold and basic. This little number - THE TERRAIN - is really exactly what I need in Chicago. It is perfectly sized for me (yes I'm 6'0), and still has enough space for all my gear and passengers!

This was ONLY the beginning! First #bbsummit12 swag pickup!

At the lovely hands of Connie Burke, and Driving The Midwest, I landed this beauty as they were guests and speakers of our #BBSummit12.

BOY was this the treat!!

5yr/100, 000 mile warranty is standard! 4cyl engine, but still revs up to cruise down Lake Shore Drive!

It's classy, sleek and pretty, but also sturdy and rugged - JUST LIKE ME!

It has the XM and Onstar of course ~ but did you know the Terrain picked up the 2011 Top Safety Award from the Insurance Institute?

It has head and curtain airbags, roll-over protection, rear child seat latches, chrome is available, Skid plates, 18' chrome clad wheels, TOUCH screen radio/cd/mp3 aux player!!! This was by far my favorite part!

And the four days I was graced, I drove from downtown Chicago, Oak Park, Park Ridge, Andersonville, downtown (again), Chinatown, Boystown, to Gold Coast 3-4 times ~ ALL ON ONE TANK OF GAS!!!!!!


I LOVE GM and it was a great ride. I was deeply saddened when it was time for it to be returned.

The only thing that gave me solace? ...Knowing the awesome passion behind Driving The Midwest.

The charitable things that they do and encourage.

Do you know someone who is awesome, goes out of their way to make a difference and delivers, or move things around to help transform lives??

Nominate them! Too bad Connie is part of the program, because she would be my number 1 candidate!


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Connie Burke said...

Wow, D - you sure did your homework! So glad to read that you and your Terrain became best buds. Yep, that touch screen is very handy and capable.
Thanks for such an authentically-you post. Your enthusiasm is shining through. REALLY appreciate you mentioning our flagship program, Our Town Our Heroes (Drivingthemidwest.com).
The BBSummit has become the number one event (in my book)to connect with great bloggers - congrats on a fabulous conference. Until next year...VROOM!

~Dwana said...

YAY, Connie ... you all are the best! Thank you for everything and being #BBSummit's backbone :-)