July 28, 2012

Okay, now my heart is bleeding for real!

Yes, all good things must come to an end....

But damn it hurts!!!

Bleeding Heart is closing its doors.

I discovered Bleeding Heart Bakery when I began "tweeting".  Meeting some really cool people over cake balls is a feeling only social media-ites can describe. Its been amazing thus far, and well as this chapters closes, I must give tribute. It will be hard to find comparable, sustainable baking here in Chicago. I am vegan and Michelle Garcia really dedicated her life, heart and soul into making quality goods that are healthy and green.

Mary, me, Mary Kay, & Judy 2010!
My gal pals LaTosha, Mary, Mary Kay and Judy's escapades at Bleeding Heart led to me covering the bakery and Michelle in one of my first Chicagonista posts... meet Mitch and Lisa and provide yummy cakes to all my loved ones!!

kiddos Bday 2011

kiddos Bday 2012

Professionally, Michelle and Vinny made all of my events a hit with their unique flare.

The infamous "Chevy-Bow" Cake for my Wildfire Mid-mission Tweet-up
We will never forget the Cadillac "Crescent" cake for our "Cadillac-Rock" event w/ MJ Tam, Melisa Wells & Connie Burke of General Motors

I will miss you Michelle & Vinny!!! This is definitely the end of an era.


Melisa Wells said...

WHAT???? ACK!!!!!
Cannot believe it. Now I'm depressed. :(

~Dwana said...

I KNOW, Melisa!!! Rats!

Molly said...

The loss of your favorite bakery is a heartbreak indeed! I'm really sorry.
Fingers crossed a suitable replacement opens (or is found) soon.

~Dwana said...

Thanks Molly!! And thanks for stopping over!