July 25, 2012

When Doves Cry ... and pigeons cuddle ...

photo courtesy of Houseonahillorg

Awwww, when I snapped these pigeons grooming each other, and making out, I took it to be a reminder about life.

How happy we are and how healthy we are is manifested by the way we live. Do we take every moment and make it special and deliberate?

Are we treating people with love and respect? Do we honor individuality? Are we comfortable enough in our own skin to allow others to be who they are?

Do we take time to cuddle with those who are meaningful to us?

Life is a brief wisp of time. We must laugh a lot. We must love a lot. We must give robustly and if that means standing on post in the middle of downtown to nuzzle the neck of your mate, GO FOR IT!

If you are mateless? Giggle with friends, or tickle the toes of your child.

It make sense that our society is riddled with illness! Most of that I contribute to things that we can not control like the environment and our food... BUT that castle that houses our souls??? ALL OF THAT IS OURS TO DO WITH WHAT WE WILL!

We may not always feel like it, but trust me...I spend all of my day of in a courthouse, listening to the unfathomably, horrific things people do to one another, and yet I manage to love my boyfriend, my family and my dog like there is no tomorrow. I love loving and want you to love it too ... even if only for a wisp of time.

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