June 24, 2011

Taking a CHILL PILL can suck!

I dreamed of roaches again last night.

This is the second night this week that I have been plagued.

When this happens, I write about it.

It sucks when I dream about roaches because they are absolutely the ONLY thing I HATE more than getting my mammogram.

Yes, things have been a tad crazy. My last bout with roach infested dreams led me to the understanding that when things become complicated for me, they play out in my subconscious. I know that this all means I must slow down and take things more leisurely. I must pay more attention to my stress and allow myself to take time to unwind.

I KNOW this, so why did I let things come to this???

Well, I LOVE what I'm doing! Social media has morphed my life into a crazy, but completely enjoyable, sphere. I do need to take it easy though! Dreaming about slimy, creepy insects has done its deed and I am listening.

Taking a step back from fun is way harder than easing your schedule from mayhem because your're enjoying yourself!! But this new lesson, while new, is being addressed as I write this.

In Chicago there are social media events every night! There are probably as many events during every day.

So, how do you manage your time effectively becomes the question.

I have a full-time job, am a single mom, have a social life, and also active in my community. I am pretty sure many of you have some sort of income, school, kids, spouse as well.

How do YOU manage it all?

As I take this step back to figure out how to manage I look forward to what you have to say!

I, for one, am planning a visit to my chiropractor and massage therapist. From there, I am taking July off from "Tweetups" "Meetups" and the like, and plan to just chill until school starts. Life is good when you can exterminate your own roaches and bring yourself needed peace of mind.

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