June 26, 2011

Mary Kay in the City!

What are some of the best feelings in life?

Friendship and love.

Especially when friendship and love go together!

Many have a hard time believing in the wonderful family that can be found in social media, but it is true!

My friend, and fellow social media pal, Mary Kay bid on appearing on "Healthier, Happier, You!" during our other pal Sami Ari's "Chicago Helps Japan ~ Fundraiser For Earthquake and Tsunami Relief" successful auction!

What a fun night, and great excuse to have dinner with my pal Mary Kay!

A Bulls and Blackhawk fan, MKinChiTown as she is affectionately known on Twitter, is a Texas transplant who LOVES Chicago!

Mary Kay found her way to The Windy City back in 1993 after leaving a 12 year gig in St. Louis. She shared that Chicago has "such amazing energy" not realizing that she is a major part of the Chicago recipe.

Mary Kay is beautiful and a great presence... AND is "where she always wanted to be."

So glad that we are friends!

                                                Me & Mary Kay in Chicago!

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