April 9, 2011

MAFIA HAIRDRESSER ~ Green Things and The Joseph Michael Salon

My pal the incredible Jon-David aka Mafia Hairdresser has taught me to take my batteries, tape the top and bottom and return them to Walgreens. Things like that make us feel active in contributing toward making our world feel that we, at least, CARE!

First of all, my incredible friend has an incredible knack for making my hair look WAAAYYYY betta, its the betta that makes it mo' betta.



Listen to Jon-David's latest news, Whew!!! @Mafiahairdreser on Twitter & Facebook and the new book MafiaHairdresser too!!

Join Us As MafiaHairdresser & The Joseph Michael Salon Presents: Green Chicago

Jon-David is @MafiaHairdreser 

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