April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My life has been unusually hectic as of late because I planned a 80th Birthday Party for my father.

An amazing man, my dad has been the light and the way for so many people.

I've written tidbits about him before, but he truly is an amazing person. His mother birthed 11 children, I think. I never knew her, met her only twice. She abandoned my dad and his four siblings, but you would never know that. My dad has loved, and serviced, his community with a smile and hearty laugh.

His day was truly incredible and a joy to plan. All my life I have always heard my dad greet people with a saying that my great-uncle used to pester him with. "Come here boy and give me a dollar". My great-uncle would use the $1 my dad would give him to purchase a pint. It became my father's signature hello. So, I asked everyone to attend with a card enclosing a dollar for a good laugh.

Dad was SO touched ... only later would I find out it was his first birthday party ever.

Dad, I love you!


Tom Brennan said...


Your story gives entirely new meaning to the phrase, "the buck stops here." It's a shame that he had to wait until he was 80 to have his first birthday party, but I'm delighted that you made it possible for him.

Houseonahillorg said...

Tom! :-)