April 20, 2011

A good read ~ Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks

I have always enjoyed reading.

Being able to lose yourself in a character, their scenery and life has mesmerized me and taught be about things that are intriguing and extraordinary!

So when BLOGHER began their series on reading, and allowed me to join in on the Book Club, I was so HAPPY!

Being a single mom makes reading difficult, so this forces me to return to my love of reading....

I took speed reading in high school, one of my good friends still has reservations about my ability, but getting through a good book is like running a marathon in a beautiful locale - it is inspiring, gorgeous and invigorating!


Tom Brennan said...

Thank you, House.

I took a quick look at the review, and it looks like a book that I'd like to read.

Houseonahillorg said...