May 5, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman, The President of the United States

Where have I been? I've been mad, then glad, then I read, and I do feel better. BUT I am still very troubled and sickened by some of my fellow "Americans".

I was so enraged by what I perceived to be a heinous, racist, belittling, gesture that I went into hyper-drive.

The original text of this post was SO charged that when I deleted it a light bulb went out!

Seriously, I was pissed.

My President is a human being. We managed to find the strength and fortitude to at least be respectful of the idiot who cheated his way into office, and stayed 8 YEARS, WHY are we allowing back-road bickering into the media?

Birthers  (yes I am actually linking my site to these rascists) are bigots. They are trying to re-affirm their "HOLD" on this country completely negating the fact that many of their ancestors were once on a boat making their way here with the intent  to rape, pillage, and maim the native peoples. NICE JOB, great people.

My rage comes in the implication of making a sitting President of color produce his papers. REALLY?

Like Virginia 1911??? Like seriously??? (Am I sounding like a teenager? Totally?)

Anyway, Pres. O seemed convinced that it was something he had to do.

I am proud of him. I am tired of the racist, hypocritical way of this country, and I say this as an American whose ancestors were NOT jumping up and down, volunteering to live here. Either they were already here or were forced.

Playing the "WHO IS MORE AMERICAN" game sucks. Major suckage.

Moving right along, I happily embraced the capture and annihilation of our enemy, though I feel Birthers are as much an enemy to this country as outside forces...

AND I also read!

"Reading is fundamental" is a campaign I have never forgotten. Being a part of the  Blogher Book Club has been SO much FUN! It has given me the excuse I needed to read more.

This month we are reading a perfect story for the climate today in America. "Girl In Translation" by Jean Kwok tells the tale of immigrating into a hostile environment - USA. You can read my thoughts by clicking below!

                             GIRL IN TRANSLATION ~ HOUSE REVIEWS


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

The link isn't working on my computer (mine is antiquated) but I can imagine what he was talking about. Our country is definitely full of hypocritical people. Not everyone, but some of the loudest ones.

Houseonahillorg said...

thanks Tracey ... hope today was beautiful for you!