January 6, 2011

You Are The Magic Cure!

                                                                                 photo courtesty of  Ambro & freedigitalphotos.net

Since 2007, I have been on this incredible journey that has helped me with examining healthier ways of living. Speaking with exciting people and learning about the best ways to eat, live and breathe has been a phenomenal experience. Now, exactly 3 months to the day away from my 44th birthday, I am here to tell you that I have found the answer.


No matter what ailment we are enduring, we have the key! That key opens the door for us to make ourselves happy, healthy and in love with life.

It all came to me this morning. I am finally dropping the pounds that I wanted. This breakthrough, for me, is monumental. I knew it was mental, but now I can actually feel the psychology of it. I have been exercising since I was 23 years old.  I have ALWAYS been a size 10-12, even at 125 pounds, because I am SO tall at 6'1. Yet, I have struggled with pounds. There were even points when I was a size 18. But now that I am here, exactly where I want to be ALMOST, I want to share this amazing news with you.

LET IT GO. Whatever it is, release it and set it free! Holding on to it will only wreck your ability to be JOY.

My amazing friend Rae Lewis-Thornton struggles everyday with AIDS, yet she perseveres. Her smile and laughter are inspiring. She has changed the way I view the battles we all face. She has made a decision to LIVE and to LOVE despite her circumstances. THAT, my friends, is POWER.

This epiphany, combined with knowledge and the effort put forth by me on my current path has me so excited. WHY? Because after being a vegetarian, and mostly a vegan the past 3-4 years, I couldn't seem to be able to drop the pounds. For me, it was a lingering thorn that I could not grasp and pull out. It made my skin shine, my hair vibrant, and gave me energy, but I was still overweight. Somehow, my instincts told me I needed to LET IT GO. I simply could not fathom how.

For the past 6 weeks I've been continuing my strategy with yoga, no preservatives and, as you know, completely eliminating sugar. I did not put any pressure on myself, except to BE HAPPY. The stress of the holidays truly tempted me to be frustrated and sour, because it is not my favorite time of year, but I maintained my determination to wallow in joy - and WOOP, the pounds began to fall off.

Now, what do I mean when I say that the only pressure I placed on myself was to BE HAPPY?

Well, when doing my yoga, now that I am comfortable in my poses, I focus on my CORE. Our cores are so much more important than we give them credit for. When we laugh deeply, it is coming from our cores. If we are musical, especially singers, we know that when vocalizing, your breaths and sounds come from the center ~ or our cores. When we ache, are in love, or feeling nervous - it is the "PITS OF OUR STOMACHS" or our cores. I am now believing that our spirits lie in there. It is where our souls rest. In our centers, or our cores, are the answers to our deepest, darkest fears and desires. Once we begin to honor our beings, our centers - the essence of us, and who we dare to be, can finally rest and fall into place. We can be battling the worse ailments, or simply having the test of our lives, but our cores remain. Therefore we must give great celebration to us and who we are. We must worship the core of our beings...For better or for worse ... til death parts us!!

Now go give yourself a big, fat HUG!

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