January 4, 2011

Feeling The Stress? Say So and Let It Go!

                                                              photo courtesy of  m_bartosch & freedigitalphotos.net

It just occurred to me there is another angle on optimum health that I have yet to cover here.

I am not one to make idle complaints and then fail to say something about them. I get involved. Injustice? I am right there making calls, writing letters and sending emails. I don't go into hyper-drive, I simply allow my voice to be heard. The chips always fall where they may. We only have so much control in our lives, but putting something out there for the universe to embrace is a powerful tool.

Today, I ranted in some very important places about my displeasure with Chicago Parking Meter LLC and their systematic raping of Chicago citizens. Yes, they made a financial deal, yes, it may have even been necessary, as the city budget tanked in deficit, but they are so unappealing and penny pinching us that it makes me sad.

There have been numerous events in my life where I have let my opinions be heard. This is healthy. Not nagging, not becoming an extremist, but letting bad energy release! It is almost as necessary as a sneeze or a cough. The human body can hold onto only so much stress before it begins releasing cortisone and causing inflammation of the skin and organs. WE DON'T WANT THAT! So let it go. Let it be heard, scream at the rafters if need be and then leave it. Walk away. Live to be vibrant and see another day.

Here's to our health!


ParkRidgeDDS said...

Wow...the timing on this post for me is perfect. I am getting ready to leave in about 10 minutes for a meeting that I am not looking forward to and where expression of concerns and thoughts will be necessary. Your post has helped me put this in perspective...I can't let this stuff build up inside...it is important and healthy to communicate these things in an appropriate manner. I may not know or have control over the outcome, but, overall, it will be much healthier to have expressed myself.
Thank you... I feel more ready now!!

Houseonahillorg said...


so glad I reached you (and myself!)good luck and breathe!