January 2, 2011

Hello January 2011!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bonne Année!

I survived the holidays ~ barely, but am up and running to get this new year started on the best footing possible!

A Healthier, Happier, You is possible! Stick with me here!

Today is the day that we will begin to live the best life possible. You have made the decision, haven't you?

Tired of the stairs being a challenge? Too tired to walk that extra mile? Is your skin itchy? Hair falling out?

Let's follow good advice and life changing options. If you are ready to make the best of you and live vibrantly, I can help you get there. I have my own miles to go, but I am super excited and super charged!

I am upping my avoidance of sugar. After following Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure and Renee Ross of Cutie Booty Cakes the past 6 months, I KNOW that goals can be achieved!

We all often fall into loving food. But only within recent decades have folks developed an attachment to food that supersedes living. Eating to live should be the focus until we all attain optimum health.

Nibbling those cookies, drinking that soda when you can not run a mile is something that should be given serious thought.

SO, today my intake was pasta cooked in grapeseed oil, salad with a light dressing, a small unbuttered popcorn at the show and one wheat vegan pancake for dinner. I drank 5 glasses of water and okay, my vice is coffee. I had 5 cups today. 2 were sweetened with SO Hazelnut Coconut Milk , 3 were black.

No juice. I have limited my juice intake to once a month unless it is ALOE!

Let's Get Started - ALSO, remember to fit in at least 20 minutes of rigorous exercise every day this week.

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