December 21, 2010

Mobile Madness

Young woman holding a mobile phone

Texting has its faults.

On more than one occasion, I have managed to garner something completely unintended from someone's texts. While typically, you can  pretty much "hear" tone and intention, other times you can be WAY off mark!

Maybe, as we become more comfortable with technical communication, we omit emphasis. Lack of proper intonation, or leaving our intended missing out on key emotive response, can take a conversation to another level. Just now, while texting with my niece, I became so confused I finally said "PLEASE JUS CALL ME"!

So funny that she was pretty confused as well. What was originally believed to be a  $40 credit has become a $40 deficit!

This anomaly can truly be unfortunate in matters of the heart as well! Many conversations have gone from "blah blah blah" to "BLAH BLAH BLAH" simply because a text was misinterpreted. I'm wondering how all of you are faring with relations as we continue our move into immediate responses, or "ANSWER ME RIGHT NOW-MODE" on our mobile devices and wi-fi-on-the-go abilities.

Text, text, text me away, if you dare!

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