December 17, 2010

Terror Sucks

Couple Cuddling Beneath a Tree

So what is it about extremists and holidays??? I know that many of our "terror" problems evolve around United States Policy - whatever that means, but HELLLOOOO we're NOT all politicians. Many of us don't even LIKE our elected officials and know not what they do. Many of their agendas have nothing to do with US at all! Why the folks feel they have to threaten our peace during celebrations is becoming very irritating. We, also known as "collateral damage", have never intervened on their happinesses, their shooting expeditions, their kidnappings and or their torturings. Why can't they simply leave us alone?

Today's Arab Times highlighted just how stupid all of this is. Apparently a neuroscientist was recently sentenced by U.S. courts to 86 years in prison for some crime -- seriously who knew? So, we ALL have to die for this? I think this is the craziest crap I've ever heard. Extremists don't even respect women on a large scale, yet they want us to die because she is going to jail? I think they need lives. They need to step back and remember sanctity of life. It is not too late for them. Zealots (yes that includes racists, gangbangers, cartel, religious crusaders and homophobes) are often so blinded by their beliefs they respect no one, not even themselves. Hatred is a powerful tool, but in the end if you are simply a bitter, crazed, judgmental, hypocritical fanatic are you really alive or simply breathing.

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