November 10, 2010

Up Down, Left Right ... MOVE!

lifestyle shot of a young adult woman in a workout outfit as she drinks some water

This week has been phenomenal. I have increased my activity from yoga and walking the dog to include a few dvds and gaming software. This way I feel I am burning twice the calories! I have increased my water intake to include 4-6 more glasses and I'm getting more sleep.

The sleep part is easier now that summer is gone. Simply being a vegan has not eliminated my abdominal spread! I eat VERY little sugar. We only use Agave Syrup, I take chocolate Almond Milk in my coffee and eat nothing soaked in chemical preservatives or drenched in that dreaded corn syrup, or whatever they are calling it now. This working the core is hard but I am determined to be rid of it forever.

How is your week going? Any progress? What food have you let go? Or have added that are healthy ~ or not!!

We are in this together!!! KEEP MOVING!!!

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