November 12, 2010

Spinal ~ Stretch!

Woman stretching by ocean

Walking around everyday as you makes you feel like, well, YOU! That can be a very bad thing in terms of your health, I have found. You become used to feeling like you and don't realize that you can actually feel BETTER!

It is a stretch, but take a deep breath IN and OUT - RIGHT NOW! S-L-O-W-L-Y ... now do it AGAIN.

Straightening your back as you breathe. Push your shoulders back and exhale. Inhale! WOW!

Do you feel a bit differently?

That's how I felt when I implemented yet one more variation to my yoga routine today. I reached out, then upward, balanced on my toes (NOT tippy - just slightly forward) and slowly brought my arms back (like you would if you were about to dive into a pool) and then HOLD. At first this simple move feels easy. But hold that move for 40 seconds and you feel the "AH". Later in the day, you can still feel the "AH" and realize there are so many muscles that we need to recognize to facilitate better posture and optimal breathing!

After doing a few of those, I actually felt dehydrated and needed to hydrate! Calves were screaming a tad as well!

What did you do differently today in your regimen??


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