August 8, 2010

Come together, right now ...

Business people in a meeting

I really wanted to attend Blogher 2010 in New York City this year.

Attending my first Blogher Conference in 2009 was a hoot and a holler!

I attended MORE Reinvention this past Spring.

I've met so many wonderful people.

Talking to most of them regularly on the social media sites, makes the IRL (In Real Life) aspect truly neat.

Following the hashtag on Twitter #Blogher10 was a pacifier. Also the updates on Facebook helped, but seriously, I plan on starting an account to make my way to San Diego 2011!!

There are many reasons that someone would want to participate in such a wonderful collection of bloggers and brands. Comradeship, education, connection, swag, networking, engaging and bonding.

There's more!

Blogher, Blogalicious and MORE ( to name a few ) get-togethers spark ideas. From these thoughts, and working dreams, one can embrace empowerment and confidence.

I look forward to the benefits of these social media group experiences.

I look forward to hand and hand exchanges with my cyber family.

What do some of you value in conferences overall?

Fellow social media meetings?

If you work in a corporation do you look forward to conferencing?

Entrepreneurs how do you value these exchanges? Better, how do you afford them?

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