July 30, 2010

SugarMyBowl & A Healthier, Happier, You!!!!

I LOVE participating in a good meme every now and again.

My mentor, MJ Tam of SugarMyBowl.com shared how she named her blog. Check it out!

Also be sure to listen to the Nina Simone song with much of the same title. Cleverly, MJ posted it on her blog. It's really interesting, be sure to read. I am so fond of Nina Simone - thanks MJ, what a treat.

As for "Healthier, Happier, You!!!!" - I came upon the name after a 20 year journey.

My experiences, and lifestyle, came to a blistering head after 20 years of working as a civil servant.

Any person working in government, with the public, is typically overworked and stressed out.

We all need so much and need it like yesterday! Many of us have faced, or are facing, committing criminal acts. Some of us have questions or simply are enraged.

Dealing with these types of instances daily, over time, can wreck a good attitude.

If people under the auspices of workplace overload are not eating healthy, exercising and reducing threats to their well-being, life can become a recipe for disaster!

Hence my blog! I was seeking information via the internet when I wondered onto a social networking site.

I met Latrice Fowler of Raising Chefs who showed me that there is a whole world out here and you CAN reinvent yourself, develop lasting bonds and be effective in both your personal life, and new endeavors!

THANKS Latrice!

I chose "Healthier, Happier, You!!!!" because at the time, it was my goal! I reached that stance pretty quickly with all of you to thank. Being a healthier, happier you is so amazing and fulfilling ~ I hope that reading here has inspired you or uplifted you -

I also hope you've shared here or made a friend!

Happy Friday!


MJ Tam said...

aww, D, thanks for for the shout out. Nina Simone, a glass of good red wine, and good friends make my heart happy. We should really do that one day! I feel such a nerd at times when I talk about how much I'm in love with that jazz era. For my wedding we played lots of Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and Nat King Cole. Am I weird or what?

Your blog is very inspirational for people like me on the road to self-renewal/wellness.

Thanks for sharing D!

Houseonahillorg said...


We will do that! I am a huge Ella, Billy, Louis, Nat, Sinatra, Lena, Joe Williams .... huge jazz fan!

Thanks for stopping over!!