July 25, 2010

Be Eco-Friendly ~ from your laundry to your soul

It has not been an easy road to eco-friendly living. Never-mind that we've been conditioned into thinking that bleach and ammonia are our friends. When I began my journey, eco-thought was foreign and people had to go far out of their way to acquire/pay/find the better, healthier product.

Typical, every day cleaning products are not our friends. They are carcinogens.

The ill-effects of our daily cleansers far outweigh the germs we are attempting to contain.

The products have been studied, and research has revealed, that they not only negatively impact our cells, but in some efforts, have been grossly linked to being out right causes of many of our ailments. The skin irritations, respiratory complaints, cancers and birth disorders are numerous and are 100% avoidable.

Realizing poisons should not be used period is one of the ways we can begin reversing the detriment we've done to ourselves and our planet.

Chlorine bleach being inhaled, porously absorbed and flushed into eco-system must stop. Chlorine bleach should only be used in instances where you are trying to contain disease from spreading. DISEASE, not e.coli or flu virus.

While the U.S. government's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and other governmental entities maintain most of our cleansers do not cause cancer, some other global and independent studies vehemently disagree.

Whatever the case, you probably know for yourself that these over the counter products should be labeled poisonous drugs - well many are and we ignore them - These products, as you have probably experienced, cause irritation and burning to the mouth, throat, lungs and eyes.

If you have read here, you well know, I think one of our biggest daily poisons is toothpaste. Using a kosher, or halal product is always an easy way to know that you are consuming safely, and with a blessing, is always nice.

Then consider that all natural ingredients may save you a lot of ailments ... colonic, oral, esophageal  and otherwise.

As a former asthmatic, I simply avoid, when possible, all carcinogens. From oven cleaner, toilet and beyond - you just don't have to corrode your organs any more. Simple, effective natural ingredient products are as close as your local grocer! I have even ceased using bug spray or pesticides on my dog. Did you know ants don't like to swim? A spray can of water with vinegar will kill, in my experience, any bug.

Take up this challenge: For the next 30 days - DO NOT use ANYTHING you can not easily pronounce. PERIOD. Let me know how you do (and of course - HOW YOU FEEL)!!!

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