July 17, 2010

"An Evening With Rae Lewis-Thornton" ~

Rae Lewis-Thornton of Rae Lewis-Thornton..com held quite the event Thursday July 15th at the Encore - Liquid Lounge.

Saddled with information, good food and great company, this event was the first "Tweet-up/Meetup" that directly benefited HIV/AIDS awareness and support.

The room, jammed packed with friends of the cause, and fare that would make just about anyone's eyes twinkle, was a miracle within itself.

Encore, located in the Hotel Allegro, is right in the heart of Chicago's Theatre District. Their commitment to Rae and HIV/AIDS ran so deeply, they secured the entire room for the night!

That is just what a cause like this needs - STOP THE PRESSES, HELLO and PAY ATTENTION THIS IS IMPORTANT - are vital because people just do not like to discuss this sort of disease!

Creatively, Rae placed several business cards on each table that, once flipped over, detailed crucial stats of what HIV/AIDS is doing 30 years since it openly reared its ugly head.

While it is no longer a "death sentence", it is still spreading voraciously and impacting globally!

Remember folks ~ HIV/AIDS is 100% preventable! 

Visit the Center for Disease and Control Prevention for information.

45 + community builders gave with their money, time or product to make sure this night was a success.

I learned a lot - and I consider myself well informed. I strongly recommend POZ as a source. We received a copy in our SWAG BAG. It is hugely useful. Additionally, we received so many goodies that it may take me a few days to peruse!

The most important lesson from "An Evening with Rae" ??? KNOW YOUR STATUS! GET TESTED TODAY.


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