June 1, 2010

No way to undo the damage

Our worst fears have realized.

No one really wants to speak it, but truly, there is no salvaging the damage that has unfolded in the Gulf of Mexico.

I have not traveled to see it.

I don't have to.

It's a natural massacre.

All that we, who love our planet, have done has been undone.

All of the glass bottle recycling, can recycling, paper recycling was for nothing.

Our habitat, that nurtures so many others, has been raped and pillaged, much like when the British first crossed these shores centuries ago.

They have now managed to finish the job of completely destroying this great land.

I don't blame them alone.

The blood is on us all.

Too few of us stomped our feet and had tantrums demanding that we utilize a clean energy.

Too little, too late.

As I scoured the most updated information on oil spills and management of biological catastrophe, I found other hazardous failings involving oil.

The occurrence in Nigeria, is much worse. The villagers have no respite. They are not benefiting, no one is.

Politicians have lined their pockets and looked the other way as pot holes dot the travel-ways and schools that were promised are never erected.

Fishermen are left with unmanned gas stations as Nigeria exports 90% of its oil to other countries.

There is no self-sufficiency.

Nigeria may be half way around the world, but its troubles find us - oil, grave predictions and greed.

Then consider as this atrociousness comes full circle, meeting in the Gulf - currents sliding across continents, all inner-connected to keep the world going around.

There will be complete and total disruption that may recover eventually, but truly there is no way to tell.

The Gulf error is unprecedented.

We can contemplate life on other planets, therefore, I am certain that we can provide the world with clean energy.

As our food supplies die off and become mutated, everyone should be thinking of the impact.

The cancers, the maladies, the overall destruction of life as we knew it.

The British Petroleum Executives can somehow plug the perforation of the Earth's crust, but they can not reverse the damage that was done the first second the leaks met the ocean blue.

It is destroyed. No amount of Dawn dish liquid can erase the stench from these arrogant people who only see the teeny, tiny picture that is their bank accounts. Unfortunately, they and their off-spring will be rotting in hell, right along with the rest of us... if anyone is listening ... grant us peace.


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