June 2, 2010

Lift Ourselves Up ~

I am utterly devastated by this oil perforation.

Totally tired of the blaming rhetoric, I am seeking solutions.

What type of lifestyle will we be living now that ocean life has been murdered.

Compelling evidence dictates that there will be oxygen dead zones.

Ocean life will have to mutate to survive. Many species will not be able to mate and the disruption will be anomalous.

Carnivores will continue to feast,  but the mutations will manifest in the human body somehow.

Cancer is a large killer but, statistically, is hugely overshadowed by world diseases like malaria and tuberculosis.

That may change once ingesting crude oil becomes commonplace. There are smaller oil spills occurring that aren't receiving any press. Take heed.


Seriously envisioning my life as a Marvel Comic!

copyright Marvel Comics 


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Kim Moldofsky said...

I've had these thoughts too, of the shows we watched as kids that posed a future, barren Earth. We are on the verge of something truly horrific. It makes me ill to think about it, and I feel so helpless.