May 23, 2010

We ALL did this ~ Now we must ALL live with it

Making sure you are the BEST you is vital! Even in the face of environmental catastrophe.

This past week, I woke up at least twice with a pounding head-ache - something I NEVER do.

This made me assess.

Sometimes, we are too busy to stop and think about what is causing our maladies.

Because I typically wake up happy and eager to start the day, this was a no-brainer.

Something is wrong!

Yes, a few minutes of self-evaluation and I popped two acetaminophen and decidedly carried on.

It's the oil-spill.

I have not had a moment to grieve.

Louisiana is why I am alive. It is in my genes, my bones, and forever in my heart.

It is SO disheartening, so vast, so immeasurable, so really, really, horrible and surreal that I have just carried on these past 33 days.

But it surfaced, much like the oil washing up upon the fragile shores.

My soul bleeds at the callousness of the corporate world.

We ALL knew that eventually we would have another disaster. YOU CANT FIX THIS.

It is done. This leak is 134 million gallons so far.

There is no way to save the environment from this destruction.

We will pay a HUGE price.

It will be long-lasting and horrific.

It will devastate my granma's home state in a way Katrina never could. There will be NO good that comes from this. None. Not one thing.

How do we as human's, who have tipped the boiling hot water over onto our hands, rise from ghastly, debilitating, crisis?

We grow. We become stronger and fight for what is right. Blaming BP Oil is rudimentary.

We must blame ourselves. We knew it was wrong, like crossing a railway against the caution gates.

We have decapitated our fishing industry. Killed and maimed many species. We have let loose what we knew we shouldn't have.

Clean it up? Maybe.

Let it happen again? DEFINITELY NOT - contact your local legislators today and let him know his/her job is at stake. WE CAN NOT RELY ON OIL OR DRILLING ANYMORE! PERIOD!

I hate to sound apocalyptic, but Revelations 8:8 has happened - believe or not - sad or not - but it has happened and we can not undo it and life in that region will never be the same - life, period, will never be the same - and the consequences are yet to come thanks to universal corporate greed and twisted, self-absorbed minds.

We are all beginning to rot - so WAKE UP!

Estimates are now saying the devastation will be apparent for 100 years.

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