May 11, 2010


When life gets hectic - SLOW DOWN!

I have been running - and I am certain that many of you have too!

With a teen on hand, his activities, elderly parents and a mosh of social networking to do, I thought it would be nice if we shared tips on how to stay well while making a life for yourself.

Sleep may be a hard sell in this equation, BUT somehow manage to fit some rest, and yes SLEEP, into your agenda. My goal is always for the 8 hours. My system could easily work well with ten! But you know yourself best, attempt to at least get a good, solid, 6-8 complete hours each night. Go to all the parties but just don't stay ALL night!

Another great thing to remember is hydration. Keeping a water bottle with you or in your car - I prefer my double-walled stainless steel coffee cup - is essential for keeping your organs, skin and hair in tip top shape.

Being a vegan is hard. Being a vegan on the run is even harder because most fast food joints think all we eat are salads! UH, NO! The first 3 months I became vegan I became bored with salads. I eat them every now and again, but mainly put salad on huge veggie sandwiches, or inside a Matzo lasagna.

Many times in desperation, I will buy a big mack and remove the - whatever that is - meat. I hate to even eat that because the regular McDonald's sandwich bun contains fructose corn syrup. Don't listen to the ad claims about fructose corn syrup. While it is not the worst sugar substitute, manufacturers include it in everything that is processed, so we are exposed to it FAR more than is healthy. Check the labels. Fructose corn syrup is in MANY breads, juices, pre-packaged foods like waffles, pancakes, cereals.  That much sugar consumption is a huge part of our obesity problems. I REALLY don't need sugar in my bread.

The fact that I consume very little sugar, substitute or otherwise, being in a bind with a Big Mack sans the meat is filling and does the trick.  ( I give the patty to the pigeons. I know they shouldn't be eating it either, but I see them eat FAR worse.)

Eat often and eat well.

I keep a bag of low-cal, sugar free organic cereal in my  briefcase. It is a filling snack or meal if you simply can not find decent food.

I want you to breathe. I am breathing DEEPLY right now. As you read this, slow down, and breathe purposefully. I also practice breathing techniques while driving in Chicago traffic.

Our traffic is no where near the mayhem in other cities. It really is not a bad situation. One can basically get anywhere in 30-45 minutes, but the folks we are driving with who are on their cell phones, eating, drinking, doing their hair, smacking their loved ones, unlicensed, drunk, or simply gazing out the window haphazardly, makes travel a HUGE challenge. When I feel my temples pulsing, I breathe.

Lastly, I challenge each and everyone of you to smile. We are all inundated with difficulties and responsibilities.

Meeting the requirements of our own lives, and those we love or are taking care of, is often impossible, yet we somehow manage.

We manage because we are awesome. We are brilliant. We are survivors and we love living. Showing ourselves that we are worth it is a simple 'thank you' we can not afford to neglect.

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