May 13, 2010

Arizona Ethnic Studies Ban - CUT!

Uh, okay Arizona. You have managed to get this mild-mannered, completely balanced, hard-to-shake blogger RILED UP!

Yes, I took all of your cross-eyed attempts to manage your out-of-control border situation. I even supported you there. Having worked with undocumented offenders (from all countries) for the last ten years, I completely understand how there is a tendency for them to need social services and government funded programs. In order to maintain our society we must rehabilitate and provide care which adds up to local dollars being spent and not replaced. This also involves man-power that takes away from the intended budget area.

I have serviced undocumented aggravated DUI offenders for 8 years. Our former administration did not desire to remove them for these offenses, only murder and heinous sex offenses, so fondlers, yeh, I supervised their offenses on the tax dime too. Frustrated as I am, I guess I gave you, Arizona, too much credit.

Your suspension of curricula is astounding.

Seriously, any effort to thwart free thought is reprehensible.

What is "ethnic studies" exactly??

Let's see:   "interdisciplinary study of racialized peoples in the United States and elsewhere." is the definition
provided by most online dictionaries.

That, by definition, would include, uh - just about EVERYONE.

Is Arizona suspending education period? 

If so, that would really be a shame since it appears they are lacking global thought in a very major way.

NOW, my suggestion to them is MORE educated, global thought. They may need to invite Queen Rania, or other UN proponents, to come and dialog.

The "papers" debacle was within my understanding because I have been frustrated for years as to why undocumented felons moved so far along in the criminal justice process before the questions could be answered. Simply from tax paying standpoint, the fact that the status is not determined until conviction is quite unnerving. I could sympathize with this need and, while I could see its potential for racial profiling, the need to preserve busted budgets should be getting our sympathy a tad more.

A jurisdiction that has reached its limit monetarily and man-power wise, needs attention.

Having a forum at a touted Arizona University with global think-tanks who have attempted to manage migration malfunctions should be hosted.

I am not certain if the Arizona government has attempted such a thing.

But with the backwards thinking of eliminating classes that educate, for any reason, is preposterous.

It's book-burning thought. It's simply idiotic!

To this day history has been watered down to lessen the horrific actions we have imposed on each other. If you look at the societal outcome, the results affecting justice in so many areas, it really should never be an option, a whisper or even a thought.

Deprivation of truth, tempered or propagandized, is never a good idea.

I have sat at my desk, day after day, for 20 years, informing young black men that they are the product of minds such as THESE  and are quite capable of anything. 

Additionally, I have encouraged all young men, most who have pushed education aside, to return, learn the truth about everything possible and excel!

I refuse to sit silently while a local government dare to regulate thought!

I am no lawyer, but we can all read this legislation together HERE.

What are your thoughts?

I feel that we are in the scenes of a very horrifying movie - CUT!!!


Tom said...


I couldn't agree with you more!

When Highland Park High School recently refused to send their girls basketball team to Arizona due to fears for their safety, Rush Limbaugh went nuts.. As a general rule, anything that Rush opposes, I'm for, and vice versa.

Houseonahillorg said...

Right On, Tom!