May 3, 2010

Passion for Sustainablility


Do you have it?

It is amazingly vital to longevity and spice of life.

When you hear or see it, it's illuminating.

A few nights ago, I attended a lovely evening atop The Wit Hotel. The sexy The Roof was the backdrop to an EFFEN Vodka event. Effen revealed its Provactively Premium while introducing us to the incredibly innovative ideas of Jonathan Boyer, AIA. Mr.Boyer is Principal at Farr Associates, and Architecture Head and Director of Green Consulting.

His urban designs at Chicago's Marillac House, Willis (formerly Sears) Tower and renovation of Wacker Drive showcase sustainable brilliance and missions promoting re-birth.

EFFEN Vodka, being 100% neutral distilled from wheat and imported by Import Company, Deerfield allowed us to hear the latest ideas that our Mayor Daley loves!

Re-allowing in-law apartments encourages more family-friendly living and is good for parks and flooding as well. Having these unit once again legal and operational mean more open lines to move water along.

West side parks and schools need green make-overs as well. Mr. Boyer is envisioning environmentally structured buildings with storm roofs.

Knowing that Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley desires for the Windy City to be the GREENEST city on the globe is probably a big boost for these ideas.

I was happy to participate and was encouraged to know that these ideas are simply a moment away from implementation!

In Chicago? Let your alderman/woman know that these designs are not only glamorous, they are good for our lives and futures.

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