February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday!!

As a Creole mother, I am guilty of over indulging everyone on Fat Tuesday.

As a young child, I stared as the women in my family fed family member after family member. I swore underneath my Big Mama and Big Papa's cherry wood dining table with their dog Big Foot, that I would cherish and regale our Creole traditions for life. "Baby, you want some more to eat? Baby, you want another glass? Baby, what you need? The wine is over there" Holiday after holiday were spent with fine meals and beverage that my great-grandfather "Big Papa", aunts and grandma would prepare.

So today as we prepare for the Lenten season, I hope that all devour a King Cake and Po-Boys!

I was lucky enough to shared an incredible Mardi Gras meal at Dixie Kitchen with fellow blogger and friend Thomas Brennan who writes at To Hell - and back.

We both ate fried green tomatoes. I ordered grits and potatoes, he a po-boy. I then traveled to a local bakery and ordered the biggest King Cake I could find, hoping that that my little guy would get the Baby Jesus, and that he did!

Oh dear! I have succumbed! Sugar and spice and all that is nice, I so need a nap!


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