February 5, 2010

A Day For The Love In Your Heart

Gingerbread couple on plate, elevated view

My friend Stacy of Create A Balance sent word inviting me to a day of womanly self-love.

A girl's day getaway. A gal pal shindig. A MADLY IN LOVE WITH ME DAY!

It occurs the Saturday before Valentine's Day and promises to be a couple hours of relaxation and self-indulgence.

Typically the sort of event that one would write about AFTER attending, but this event advertised sponsorship by an entity that teaches tantric sex!

I am still planning on attending the event, but am a tad bit nervous ...

While I am ALL for spa treatments, snacks and relaxation, and am even open to tantric sex - what will be on the rejuvenation menu? I have been laughing to myself all day, which is actually an awesome thing. Laughter is such a great response for the immune system.

The thoughts keep intruding, though. Not spectacularly introverted or close-minded, I am always a proponent of learning and experimentation - but attending one of those types of seminars has always felt slightly intrusive. So seeing this couple that I have read to be acclaimed tantric experts was a bit intimidating.

I am SO very curious as to what will unfold for us. The other sponsorships are as equally well renown. I have read numerous accounts as to each of each their contributions throughout the years, so I KNOW I am in good hands. The fun is in the wondering!

The invite simply shares that you will learn how to take care of yourself and not just others, and basically create a life system that nurtures you as you nurture your family! Maybe more details will follow, and I hope to keep you posted!

I am very excited because this really sounds like an incredible day ... and am I safe to assume and suppose that all will unveil very, very slowly? Bwah hah haa ha, laughter again! Laughter really is the key to unlocking the soul!!!

Stay tuned!


Tom said...


the Wikipedia definition of tantric sex is attached below:


if you've seen The DaVinci Code, you'll recognize that tantric sex appears to have some elements of "the sacred feminine" ..

it should be an interesting day !

Houseonahillorg said...

WOW, that's a lot of information!!!

Thank you! You are right! Should be an interesting day!